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We all need the strength of our community sometime. Do you need global prayer partners?

About "A Message From God"

“A Message From God” is a free online multimedia project. At its core is the free eBook, “A Message From God.” As the project grows, it will touch millions of lives around the globe and become a champion for the common good of humanity.

A few facts about “A Message From God:”

  • “A Message From God” is intended for spiritual guidance, not religious dogma. Agreement with its contents is not required, and it makes no claims of superiority over any existing religion, holy text or belief system.
  • This messenger, Lee Eric Smith, is one of many messengers. He does not consider himself any more special than anyone else and is weirded out about writing about himself in the third person like this. ?
  • The original inspiration for the project came in October 2006. The cover image was taken by this messenger on the side of U.S. Hwy 78 between Holly Springs, Mississippi and Memphis, Tennessee in 2004. Many who see it say they see a face in the clouds. Other than minor adjustments for color and contrast, it has not been altered in any way.
  • “A Message From God” was written at about a 6th- to 8th grade reading level. The Author (God) inspired this messenger to write in simple everyday language to ensure that the powerful ideas presented do not get lost in the words.
  • Although this messenger was raised in the Christian tradition, “A Message From God” is deliberately written to sit outside of any particular religious doctrine. It stresses “relationship over religion,” and consequently respects all religious traditions for their core purpose: developing a meaningful relationship with The Infinite.
  • The video features images from the Hubble Telescope; and this messenger. The video was conceptualized, produced and voiced by Mr. Lee Eric Smith. The music was composed and performed by Mr. Tracey Davis.