The Umpteenth Secret of “The Secret”: Align Your Rider and Elephant | Conscious Bridge

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Recently, I reconnected with an “old friend” named Mark Gilbert. There's a neat story behind

that “old friend” line, but that's for another time. Anyway, suffice to say that like minds of a feather think great alike (um, WHAT?). Mark has launched

his own spiritually themed site called Conscious Bridge. I'm looking forward to adding him to our site here, but why wait? Go check out:

The Umpteenth Secret of “The Secret”: Align Your Rider and Elephant | Conscious Bridge.

As for my take on “The Secret:” The Law of Attraction DOES indeed work. You DO attract into your life the things that you think about. The trick is to KNOW what you're thinking about. The conscious mind is made up of the thoughts you KNOW you're thinking. Your subconscious mind are the thoughts you're not paying attention to, and consequently where the REAL action is. It's the background noise of your mind.

If you've ever had a clothes dryer or air conditioner running for several minutes but didn't really notice it until it stopped, it's the same concept. You were always hearing the noise, and consequently affected by it; yet you may not have been paying attention to it.

You can say an affirmation: “I am prosperous!” with all your mind for 100 times a day. Not a bad practice. But for some of us, there's a little voice that pipes up: “No you're not. Look at your wallet. You know you don't have

the money to pay that bill. And the reason you can't prosper is because you're not good enough. You don't deserve it. . . .” And so on. In a sad way, that affirmation ends up undermining you, without getting your subconscious mind — your FEELINGS — on board.

So when you say your prosperity (or any other) affirmations, it's important to FEEL prosperous — or attractive, loving, peaceful, etc. Mark writes beautifully about aligning your “rider” (conscious mind) with your “elephant” (feelings). Once you get those two things on the same page, THAT'S when you'll start to see the miracles in your life.

In fact, Mark writes beautifully about a lot of things. Glad he'll be contributing here at “A Message From God!”



More Than A Dream, More Than A Dreamer

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Like so many of us today,

legitimate work at home

I'm remembering the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Being born in 1969,

I belong to the very first generation of people for whom he's never been a living being — he's always been a larger than life legend, an icon of the rather quaint knowledge that we are all HUMAN first, and skin pigmentation much

later. In an age where we have an African-American president, an era when blacks had to drink from different water fountains seems like ancient history. By comparison, there's a generation of children coming up now who have no memory of September 11, 2001 — but whose lives have been shaped by it in ways they can't imagine.

The great speaker that Dr. King was, it is so tempting to boil him down into a few soundbytes. That's how he got stuck with the cliche of a moniker “The Dreamer.” I don't want to minimize the power of that dream, or the work he did in striving for racial justice. It's just that the more that I get to know Dr. King through his speeches and writings, the greater I revere him as a profound spiritual teacher — a man whom, like Jesus, I strive to

pattern my life after.

If you are struggling with some challenge, you owe it to yourself to read “Strength To Love” by Dr. King. I can't explain what that book has done for me during some of my darkest days. Anyway, as I was driving to visit my mother this weekend, I heard this excerpt from Dr. King's “Drum Major Instinct” speech. It brought me to tears because he describes how I want to live my life, how I want to be remembered.

Not just today, but for the rest of the year, take some time to dig into Dr. King's writings and lesser known speeches. Learn why he teaches us to have a “tough mind and a tender heart” and how he offers a modern perspective on the Jesus principle of loving your enemies.

Prince has a song dedicated to Dr. King on his latest album, LotusFlow3r. As he says in that song, “If it was just a dream . . . then call me a dreamer too . . .”


If I Can Help Somebody . . .

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My mother plays piano. Quite well, in fact. Among the songs she loves to play and that I love to hear is called “If I Can Help Somebody.” Lyrics go like this:

“If I can help somebody, as I pass along . . . then my living shall not be in vain.”

It sums up a large part of my parents’ life philosophy — consequently, I cherish it as a part of the legacy they left me. And the reason I bring it up here is because of a posting I found on a bulletin board about “A Message From God.”

As much as I love this project and what it’s doing in the world, I actually don’t get a lot of feedback on it. So when I ran across these remars from “Taimour” on a bulletin board at . . . well, it meant a whole lot to me. Check it out:

Posted January 01, 2010 08:27 AM
hey everyone,
this link that i’m posting is an e-book/online articles (you can read it online or ask them to email it to you)that really helped find my way again

A message from God

i’ll try to describe my situation to you so before i read it so you know how that book

helped me and how it can help you

well i’m a muslim but i never really feel that i belonged in that religion, i don’t get it why i should be praying 5 times a day always be living in some kind of conservative way and be thinking of religion/good and everything else possible to feel spiritual…i really had problems praying…i felt like i was talking to myself…and especially in

islam..the routine…of reciting some pieces of the quran felt always like a one-sided thing for me…
to put it short.. i was in a relationship with god of me knowing that he exists, that he created the whole world and everything, i wanted and needed to “reconnect with god” and didn’t have a clue HOW

after i read this small book it helped me a lot
it’s very short and very entertaining
took me only an hour or so to read it Big Grin


It touched me for a variety of reasons:
  • I’m always excited to find out that something that The Author brought through me is touching lives, period.
  • This reader is Muslim. This project was never intended to convert anyone to a specific religion and it respects all religious traditions. Instead, it’s meant to help its readers develop a relationship with The Author, regardless of their religious background. It seems to have done that in Taimour’s case, which is both awesome and humbling.
  • This reader is from Giza, Egypt. Although The Author told me this message would touch millions worldwide, watching it actually happen is pretty awesome!
Perhaps most importantly, it comes during a cold season in my personal life. My faith is fundamentally sound, but it’s also just plain tired. So, knowing that I have helped somebody as I pass along . . .
My living has not been in vain. Amen.
PS: If you’ve read “A Message From God” and would like to share your feedback, email me:

Who’s to say? « Journals Of Enreal

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It’s been a while since I checked in on Enreal . . . I’ve been cheating myself.

Much like the Tao Te Ching, I read Enreal and

I feel like the wisdom is bypassing my conscious mind and going straight into my soul.

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Who’s to say…

We can not have the glory of day without the darkness of night… yet who is to say the night is not glorious…


nice to your soul and click the link. . . .

Who’s to say? « Journals Of Enreal.


Soul Pancake: Does Prayer Work?

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A new instant favorite website, one you’ll see me highlight here a lot probably: Soul Pancake.

Created by Rainn Wilson (yep, the guy from The Office) the site asks deep questions about life, God and the Universe. Frankly reminds me of a similar project I had some years ago: a little book of questions called “Is There

Sex In Heaven?” You’ll be seeing more of that here soon . . .

But in

the meantime, check out this video from Soul Pancake:  A man-on-the-street video asking the simple question: Does Prayer Work? Feel free to go over to the website and check out the responses. And post your own here . . .


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