If I Can Help Somebody . . .

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My mother plays piano. Quite well, in fact. Among the songs she loves to play and that I love to hear is called “If I Can Help Somebody.” Lyrics go like this:

“If I can help somebody, as I pass along . . . then my living shall not be in vain.”

It sums up a large part of my parents’ life philosophy — consequently, I cherish it as a part of the legacy they left me. And the reason I bring it up here is because of a posting I found on a bulletin board about “A Message From God.”

As much as I love this project and what it’s doing in the world, I actually don’t get a lot of feedback on it. So when I ran across these remars from “Taimour” on a bulletin board at Stresscenter.org . . . well, it meant a whole lot to me. Check it out:

Posted January 01, 2010 08:27 AM
hey everyone,
this link that i’m posting is an e-book/online articles (you can read it online or ask them to email it to you)that really helped find my way again

A message from God

i’ll try to describe my situation to you so before i read it so you know how that book

helped me and how it can help you

well i’m a muslim but i never really feel that i belonged in that religion, i don’t get it why i should be praying 5 times a day always be living in some kind of conservative way and be thinking of religion/good and everything else possible to feel spiritual…i really had problems praying…i felt like i was talking to myself…and especially in

islam..the routine…of reciting some pieces of the quran felt always like a one-sided thing for me…
to put it short.. i was in a relationship with god of me knowing that he exists, that he created the whole world and everything, i wanted and needed to “reconnect with god” and didn’t have a clue HOW

after i read this small book it helped me a lot
it’s very short and very entertaining
took me only an hour or so to read it Big Grin


It touched me for a variety of reasons:
  • I’m always excited to find out that something that The Author brought through me is touching lives, period.
  • This reader is Muslim. This project was never intended to convert anyone to a specific religion and it respects all religious traditions. Instead, it’s meant to help its readers develop a relationship with The Author, regardless of their religious background. It seems to have done that in Taimour’s case, which is both awesome and humbling.
  • This reader is from Giza, Egypt. Although The Author told me this message would touch millions worldwide, watching it actually happen is pretty awesome!
Perhaps most importantly, it comes during a cold season in my personal life. My faith is fundamentally sound, but it’s also just plain tired. So, knowing that I have helped somebody as I pass along . . .
My living has not been in vain. Amen.
PS: If you’ve read “A Message From God” and would like to share your feedback, email me: messenger@amessagefromgod.org

Who’s to say? « Journals Of Enreal

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It’s been a while since I checked in on Enreal . . . I’ve been cheating myself.

Much like the Tao Te Ching, I read Enreal and

I feel like the wisdom is bypassing my conscious mind and going straight into my soul.

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Who’s to say…

We can not have the glory of day without the darkness of night… yet who is to say the night is not glorious…


nice to your soul and click the link. . . .

Who’s to say? « Journals Of Enreal.


Peace in the midst of struggle

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Gene Williams is a yoga instructor based in Memphis, TN.

For the last 4-5 years, I carve out some time to indulge in a bit of yoga practice.

Today, while in my yoga class, I was nearing the end of the strength building sequence that the instructor constructed for the class. Right in the midst of near muscle failure from repeated vinyasa flows from upward facing dog to downward facing dog to headstand preparation, the instructor informs us that we will be holding downfacing dog for 2 minutes. “2 MINUTES!!! Are you nuts?!!!” my mind AND body wailed.

“Now, release to child’s pose. Rest


Elated, I had to resist the urge just to plop down on my mat from exhaustion. As I rested in Child’s Pose, I really allowed myself to go limp, and truly relax, allowing oxygen to perform as a healing balm to rejuvenate my aching muscles. Within 5 breaths, the instructor instructed us to exhale and come to all fours, and come to downward facing dog, where we would be for 2 minutes.

Amazingly enough, the five breaths was more than enough time to endure holding downward facing dog for 2 minutes. At the end of the 2 minutes, I actually felt rejuvenated and like I could do another 2 minutes easily.

In life, sometimes we’re constantly bombarded by thoughts, people, and experiences that cause us to struggle through, often times, everyday activities. From the example I learned on my yoga mat, when life seems to

be constantly pressing down on you, take a mini-vacation from the person or situation, which could be a walk, a drive to clear your thoughts, or by simply taking the time to focus on breathing deeply and consciously.

When you come back to the situation, you will return with a clear head and a newly found resolve that will help you tackle any situation head on!


Gene Williams
Certified Personal Trainer/Yoga Instructor/Owner of Nirvana Fitness(www.NirvanaFitnessMemphis.com)


LIFE is What We Make It

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My Children,

By now I AM sure that you have experienced enough injustices in the world to know that life is not always fair. Virtually all of you at one time or another has been both a victim of other people’s unkindne

ss as well as someone who has intentionally been unkind to others. Unfortunately, such incidents are an unavoidable reality.

Still, I hope that you before you pull out the boxing gloves or build another wall of defense against possible future injury you will pause long enough to remember somethings I promised you in My Word long ago.

First, you WILL reap what you sow. Good or bad, right or wrong, whatever you do unto others is eventually going to come back to you multiplied many times over. That thought alone ought to make you think twice before you speak or act.

Second, I AM with you ALWAYS. I promised you that I would never leave nor forsake you, nor will I ever cast you out of MY presence. Knowing I AM with you will always make you strong enough to go through the worst times of your lives.

Third and finally, MY peace I give to you. In this world you will have

hard times, but I have overcome this world and as you keep your trust in ME, you will overcome it, too.

So, life IS what YOU make it. You decide. Will you merely survive life or will you LIVE it to its fullest each and every blessed moment you are here? Pain is inevitable, but misery is a choice. Decide for yourself, but be sure you are willing to live with the choices that you make.

Abba/Mama God


Kind of Like JESUS

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After four years of pastoring a storefront church, I’m still dumbstruck at the fact that very few of the members of our church really grasp our mission. (Kind of like Jesus’s disciples didn’t get the Suffering Messiah bit).

What’s even stranger t

o me is that they don’t really understand me. They’ve claimed that they did and pledged their loyalty and support, but their words and actions (or lack thereof) tell me otherwise. (Kind of like Jesus’s disciples didn’t initially buy His servant leadership).

I was reminded of this as recently as last night. The one who was supposed to be teaching “Bible study” spent the majority of the time trying to cast doubt on my character, doctrine and leadership ability. It wasn’t even done subtly; he “made an example” out

muscle building diet

of me before the entire listening audience. (Kind of like Jesus and the Pharisees).

What did I say in response? Nada. Zero. Not a mumbling word. (Kind of like Jesus was silent before Pilate at the judgment seat).

What would have been the point? Obviously (to him anyway), I’m a fake. Anything I might have said was not going to change his opinion of me. (kind of like Jesus’s critics then and now).

Not that this is anything new to me. Ever since I was a young boy, I’ve been

seen as “suspect” (meaning not what I appear to be). As a result, I learned not to open myself up easily to those who might mean me harm. (Kind of like Jesus didn’t commit Himself to people completely).

But this guy is not some public enemy; he’s a leader in my congregation. (Kind of like Peter denying he knew Jesus or Judas betraying Jesus to the Roman soldiers with a kiss of friendship).

I hurt – not only for myself, but for him. I know in attempting to disparage me, he hurt his own credibility. Only he doesn’t have a clue. I know this because he came to me afterwards and asked me to consider letting him “teach” more often. Talk about turning the other cheek!!

Maybe one day, when he and I both stand before our Maker, we’ll see each other for who we truly were while we were down here. In the meantime, I’m praying for both of us. For him, I’m praying that he’ll learn and do better; for myself I’m praying that I will remember that I am better because of having to endure this.

Kind of like Jesus. That’s what I’m after.


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